National Look Up At The Sky Day

April 14th….National Look Up At The Sky Day!  If you are in Oregon, you might want to wear goggles because a day like today can bring showers, hail, birds flying overhead!  But be brave….look up!  Today I saw these beautiful … Continue reading

Little Speckled Hen

You are petite, black and white speckled and always prim and proper looking.  Noting that you are even older than all of your other hen friends….those young chicks, you say! We considered consulting a “chicken psychologist” about your strange habit … Continue reading

This Old House…

Feller House about 1900

Feller House about 1900

Many joined in the celebration last weekend of this old house and her 150 years.  More importantly were the stories and memories shared by Margaret Feller Meek of her family and the first seven years of her life spent here in the old farmhouse her great grandfather, Peter Feller,  and family built in 1865.  Peter came to America from France and met a German girl named Anna while aboard the ship and by the time they reached America, they had become good friends.  Peter and Anna were married  nearly a year later after traveling up the Mississippi River to Illinois.   They had three children before Peter got a job driving wagon trains on the Oregon Trail.  He later went back and got his family, came around the Horn and settled in Butteville.  They later purchased this property and built the house.

As we stood in what is now our guest living room, Margaret proudly shared that she was born in that room 89 years ago when it was her parents bedroom.   She told special stories of her family living here and shared pictures she had brought as well.  We enjoyed hearing how the house has changed since the days when her family lived here as well as about how the Oregon Electric Railroad, which ran from Portland to Eugene, and went right through her families’ property.  It made its last run through Donald when she was seven years old.  It was converted to steam at that time and later to diesel. 

This open house event was so special to Margaret that she brought many family members from near and far to share it too.  Also present was a former resident who lived here in his youth from 1943 to 1962.

Margaret Feller Meek

Margaret Feller Meek




A New Christmas Adventure

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Greetings from Kitty

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